Bonus Program
Booster or sleeves for sensational 1,00 EUR!

Every buyer who purchases singles (sets or packs don't count) for at least 50.00 EUR has the option for either a pack of card sleeves or a Magic booster at a price of only 1.00 EUR. We try to satisfy wishes, as long as stock lasts. But there is no entitlement to a certain pack of card sleeves or booster of a certain edition.

If you want to use the bonus option, just note that in your order.

Note! For the bonus offer the following holds true:

Per additional 50.00 EUR for singles on your invoice you have the option for additional bonus booster or sleeves. To avoid misconception: 50.00 EUR on your invoice does not mean that you get a pack of sleeves and a booster per 1.00 EUR, but either one of them. The same is true for higher amounts.

The bonus option cannot be used for eBay items and exclusively for a single order. You cannot wait for the delivery of the first order and then retroactively use the option in combination with another order.